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Alex’s Visit

  • Posted on August 15, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Sunday was a work day. It wasn’t supposed to be, but I stayed up late into Sunday morning getting things done. Then, I slept until Sunday afternoon. When I woke up, I went right to my prayer journaling, then my independent studies, then to work. Alex only saw me on bathroom breaks. I’d give him a kiss on the forehead, untangle myself from his pinching fingers, and be on my way. I didn’t like it much better than he did, but at least I understood it. Alex was just plain frustrated with me.

Then, my mom came over. Willy ran down to tell me she was here. I was in the middle of something and didn’t want to have to start all over, so I kept going. Then, a while later, Alex peeked his head into my doorway. He saw me, smiled, and came into my den.

I guess he thought, If Will can go down and see Mama, then I can, too! “Hi, Alex,” I said. He took that as an invitation. He closed the door behind him and looked carefully around my den. I watched him while I kept working, and let him have his look. I’m just glad I took the cobwebs down first, because he looked everywhere. He’d made his way around my five bookcases and was coming back to take a better look at my desk & table workstation when Mark opened the door.

“I came to get Alex,” he said. He seemed a little surprised to see that I was fine with Alex being in my den. I didn’t bother telling him that, since Alex doesn’t talk, he wasn’t trying to engage me in conversation to distract me from my work.

Alex didn’t need much. He just wanted to be where I was and look at what I was doing. That was enough for him. Then, when I came upstairs and said “Hi” to my mom, I made sure I gave Alex lots of attention. Unfortunately, the rest of the day’s problems weren’t so easy to solve. Sunday was a painful day that forced me to stay up late…again.