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Winter Is Come

  • Posted on December 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM

All the signs are here.

Snow has fallen, blanketing the ground in temporary white. The snow is likely to stick, but pollutants will soon turn it a sickly gray. I’ve already cleared the way from our door to the bus. I’ll probably do some more shoveling before I’m through, so I can get the van out of the driveway without packing the snow into the cement.

This is the week of finals for my own coursework, which means I’ll be spending the week in a desperate bid to articulate my thoughts on the subject matter I’ve covered over the last fourteen weeks of study. This, too, is a sign that winter is come.

Christmas lingers on the horizon. After finals, I’ll have to start my preparations. The end of this week will be a family Christmas gathering with my husband’s side. Later this month, I’ll be driving up to Milwaukee to pick my brother up from the airport. Right now, however, I’m in denial about how much there’s left to do. This is another sign that winter is come.

And Willy’s counting down the days. Whether he’s eager for winter break or dreading it varies with his moods, but he’s aware that winter break is coming and soon he’ll lose his routine. Meanwhile, Alex and Ben are focusing on Christmas carols and Christmas stories, so they too know the holiday upheaval is coming.

Winter is come and I’m not quite prepared. But it’s here, ready or not.