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Outings Resumed

  • Posted on August 10, 2012 at 8:00 AM

Will likes to throw me curve balls. That’s all I can say to explain it.

Just as soon as I get the word out that Willy doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the house he decides that he really likes outings, after all, and wants more of them more often. Like every day. Things that cost money, like trips to the movie theater, and things that involve me taking him, like trips to the movie theater. Did I mention he wants to go to the movie theater?

Oh, boy! How I hate to say “no,” but I can’t afford that—neither the money nor the time.

On the upside, it means he’s not upset about our upcoming something or other event in which we will be going places or the fact that his Uncle is very much going to want him to go places.


EEG: Round 2

  • Posted on August 8, 2012 at 8:00 AM

So, we went to see the neurologist and I must say I was impressed—and that can be pretty hard to do when it comes to providing services for my kids. This is not to say, however, that I was pleased.

Getting there involved a lot of anxiety on Will’s part and none too little on mine, though for different reasons. (I’m not so good with going places I’ve never been before.) When the neurologist came in, the first thing out of Will’s mouth was “What language are you speaking?” To which the neurologist replied good-humoredly, “English,” in a rather pronounced Asian accent. I admit I cringed with that one.

His accent, however, did not impede our ability to communicate with one another, and the appointment proceeded at a rather rapid pace, with me providing information that was (for the most part) already in the questionnaire that I’d filled out, which he didn’t take until the end of the appointment.

The sum result of the visit is that he can’t diagnose Will yet. This is where the disappointment comes in. However, the reason is because he doesn’t have enough hard data, which is what impressed me. I guess I’ve just spent too much time listening to psychologists, for whom behavioral data is THE data, so I’m not used to actually needing conclusive tests.

And so the long story short is that the first EEG was not conclusive. The neurologist is not satisfied that epilepsy has been ruled out, though he did talk about the possibility of “frontal lobe seizures” without explaining the implications—he wants to know what we’re dealing with before he leads me down any rabbit holes (my phrasing, not his).

So, we’re going back tomorrow to have a video EEG which may require an overnight stay. The goal, once again, is to actually record a seizure event and we’re going to stay until we do even if it means staying overnight, which Will and I would rather not do for a whole host of reasons.

Wish us luck!