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A Day of Rest and Renewal

  • Posted on June 3, 2013 at 10:00 AM

For a long time, starting long before this rough year began, I’d been going full-steam ahead until the inevitable point of exhaustion came and I had to crash.

Lately, I’ve been giving Sunday back to God as a day of rest. Yesterday, I received a surprising reward as I searched for something more and found it in some unexpected movies.

It started with The Bouquet, a movie which quietly reinforced my commitment to keeping away from any semblance of the corporate world in favor of small business and local organizations.

What this trailer leaves out, however, is the primary conflict between the two sisters, and the personal conflict of the one sister who has given herself over to the corporate environment and has to find herself again. Also, Michael Shanks’ role is more significant and impactful than the trailer suggests.

From there, searching for more, I stumbled onto the poignant movie, This Is Our Time, which asks us: “Who is God asking me to be?”

This trailer spoils a bit too much, in my opinion, but serves to show the emotional depth the movie takes you through. This one reinforced my hope to serve in a local non-profit organization and my hope, one day, to start one of my own.

Finally, my night ended with Meant To Be, which took a surprising turn towards the end of the movie. This is a bit more of a soapbox piece, but it asks a very important question of those who value life and asks a different sort of question of those who value choice and asks all of those who care about consequence yet another sort of question. Sorry, I didn’t find a trailer for this one, but each of these movies is currently available for streaming on Amazon.

All in all, I’m less concerned about what God wants me to do, and am reorienting myself on who God wants me to be.

I will wait upon the Lord my God.
I will keep to the way the good Lord gives me.
I will do the work He gives me to do this day.
I will do all unto Him.

I will become the person the Lord my God wants me to be.