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  • Posted on November 28, 2013 at 10:00 AM

If you live in the U.S. and you’re lucky, then today you’ll be sitting down to a feast of turkey (or ham) and fixings with your family and/or friends. We do this to honor the early survival of the settlers who, with the help of Native Americans, were able to survive in the new and strange land that has since become our home.

Now I’m asking you to take a moment to reflect and realize that everyone isn’t so lucky. Some people will be working through Thanksgiving. Others are alone in hospital beds or nursing facilities, which may or may not make the effort to bring some holiday cheer to their patients who can’t go home. Others aren’t celebrating, because they can’t afford groceries, let alone a feast. Some of them don’t even have a place to live. Some are just alone and find it difficult to celebrate without loved ones to share their lives with.

I’m thankful this Thanksgiving, because my family gets to be among the lucky ones. We will be celebrating in my mom’s not-so-new home with a table full (but not overly full) of Thanksgiving fixings, with some more ordinary offerings for those of us with limited eating habits. We will be together and thinking about those who can’t be with us, but who will have their own Thanksgiving events.

We will also be thinking about those who have to do without and hoping that they get the helping hand they need to lift their spirits and their prospects. We will be thinking about all the people who’ve sacrificed to make this country possible, especially those who rarely get the credit they deserve. And we’ll be thinking about what could be done throughout this country to make its citizens truly thankful.

I hope yours is a happy, thankful, thoughtful Thanksgiving!