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Dancing with Alex

  • Posted on January 11, 2012 at 8:00 AM

Alex loves it when I sing to him.  I can’t really sing, but he loves it anyway.  He has his own special song which I “wrote” myself.  He loves it.

Recently, he’s added a new component to our song.  It’s not always enough for me to sing to him.  Sometimes he wants to dance, too.  Perhaps, if you saw us, you might think dance to be too generous a word for what we do.  After all, I used to be able to sing, before I became tone deaf due to scarring in my ears.  I never could dance.

Still, Alex enjoys it and that’s all that matters.  He stands with the balls of his feet placed over the bend where my toes meet my foot (while I’m wearing shoes or slippers), and we move in little circular steps around the floor.  I wrap my hands around him, gently holding him up with my hands supporting him from behind.  He leans against my hands, creating an extra point of pressure.  And we take our small steps around in a circle while I sing to him.

It’s a sweet little way for Alex to get some Mommy time in a calm and pleasurable way.  And despite my best efforts to pare back my work load, Mommy time is precious.