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Summing Up the Summer

  • Posted on September 7, 2012 at 8:00 AM

As I write this post, the boys are heading to their first full day of school. By the time this “airs,” the boys will have begun the last day of their first week of school. This brings the end to an eventful summer for the Crist family, let me tell you!

Willy had his first airplane ride and his first grand mal seizure, luckily not at the same time, though during the same weekend. I got my first book contract and prepared my first column pitch. Alex and Ben found a way to live in harmony—unfortunately, it mostly involves ignoring each other.

All the boys have grown. Alex is starting to use words to communicate on a semi-consistent basis. Ben is using words to communicate every day, many times a day. Willy is communicating more complex thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I gave my first public speech via YouTube and launched my first fundraising campaign.

I feel like I’ve been a spinning top, just trying to keep up. And now the top is stopping.

What’s going to happen next?