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Ready to Break Out the Spring!

  • Posted on March 25, 2013 at 10:00 AM

It’s been a rough winter for me and my family. We’ve all had a rough time one way or the other, and the cold weather doesn’t help. We’re ready for spring. We’re ready for Spring Break. We’re ready to take a collective sigh of relief and relax a little.

We don’t have any big plans. We’ll just be taking it easy. Living on our own schedule, instead of the school’s schedule, and hopefully getting some more sleep in the process. Letting the pressure slip away.

Of course, the change in routine is its own kind of stress. So, there’s the ying to our yang. It’s never easy.

What are your plans for Spring Break?

Welcome to Spring Break!

  • Posted on March 21, 2011 at 9:02 AM

So, the boys have this whole week off from school.

What does this mean?  Well, it means that all usual weekday schedules are disrupted (both mine and theirs) and that Alex and Ben will be spending more time together than they usually do.  Have I mentioned lately that Alex and Ben don’t really get along?  See, they both persist with their aggressive behaviors and they both are usually interested in the same activities.  So, they fight.  A LOT.  I mean, they physically fight with each other—pinching, biting, pushing, hitting, kicking, tripping and so on.  It’s not pretty and I don’t like it.

I also have one new client with a fairly big project (Web site copy) in the works and more work available if this goes well.  Very exciting for me!  Plus, I have a prospective client coming to meet me today.  At my house; in my home.  This usually wouldn’t be a problem, because I schedule these meetings during school hours.  But there’s no school, thus no school hours.

It should be an interesting week.  In years past, the transition from school to no school to back to school has been rough, but this winter break went very well.  So, I’m hopeful that they boys will make the necessary adjustments with little fanfare.  But, then there’s that whole fighting thing and the fact that my success in obtaining a new client may depend on how well my children behave in the background.  It’s a fact of life, sure.  I’m used to it, yeah.  But…there’s still that anxiety humming just loud enough to distract me.

Wish me luck!