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  • Posted on May 21, 2012 at 8:00 AM

A long time ago—so long I have no idea how many years—we tried to get Alex to wear glasses.  It didn’t work well.  We couldn’t even get him to wear a hat when the snow was piled high on the ground and the wind blew like ice through his thin crop of hair.  Yet, we tried to get him to wear this fragile metal-and-glass contraption on his face.  The sensory aspect made the situation impossible, and as important as his eyesight was, it just wouldn’t work.

Now, years later, we can get Alex to wear hats, hoods, and even masks.  The sensory aversion has turned to sensory seeking, especially when it comes to hoods and hoodies.  So, we’ve been trying those glasses again.  Not the same pair, obviously.  The new ones are plastic and less wiry, which seemed to help.  But the lenses are just as fragile and to get our insurance to cover the glasses, we can’t get any special coating.  Already the lenses are scratched, with a few deep gouges from biting.  I don’t think the coating would help with that last part anyway.

He wore them, but his tolerance was low and by the end of the school day it was pretty much gone.  Even when his tolerance was higher, he needed frequent reminders to put them back on and people needed to frequently check to make sure he could still see out of them.  He hasn’t learned that his fingers will leave smudge marks yet, so he’d frequently fingers the lens, either to push them back into place (after taking them off) or to take them off or for other reasons I haven’t quite figured out.

It seemed to be an improvement, until he came home with the side snapped off.  Of course, the busy week being what it was, there was no time to take him in to see if they could be repaired and he would not tolerate taping the pieces together.  Finally, tomorrow should be a good day for to try to get them fixed and see if, just maybe, they might have a better solution for Alex.