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Settling In

  • Posted on June 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM

I’m surprised at how well the boys have settled into their new routines here at home. In the past, this transition has been more of a struggle.

Will is a little sad for the end of school. He’s sad for his middle school experience to end. But he’s excited about high school. He’s slipping into a summer routine without a problem.

Alex is doing especially well. I expected, for example, to see a marked increase in pinching while he’s at home. Basically, pinching at home + the pinching he would have done at school. Instead, most of the time he goes through the motions, as if it were a habit, but doesn’t actually press hard enough to hurt. Sometimes, when he’s distressed, he pinches with genuine force. But the times he seeks me out have decreased markedly. The times he seeks his brothers out have decreased, though less drastically. Let’s face it, brothers can be very annoying.

I’m not sure how much Ben realizes school is over yet. His school year has been so unpredictable, it’s not like he can count on not going to school as an indication that school is ended. His empty backpack—which is finally, actually empty—should be a big clue. We’ve told him, of course, but he doesn’t respond, so I’m not sure how much he understands.

We’ve seen an increase in some behaviors with Ben, though I’m not sure we can chalk it up to school ending. Mostly, he’s decided to play out a seen from a video—I’m not sure which one—but it involves a script and an overflowing sink. We don’t mind the script, but the excessive water is a problem. He’s also thrown a few tantrums for indiscernible reasons. I’m quite sure he has a reason. I just have no idea what it is, which is, of course, frustrating for both of us.

Mark and I are adjusting as well. We were prepared, of course. That helps. But it still requires adjustment. Times like these, respite breaks (for the children) are all the more necessary. So are special times with us. Otherwise, the boys just get far too much of each other.

I do hope we get this change settled into place soon, because I’m hoping for another change in the near future.