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Willy’s Achievement

  • Posted on June 9, 2010 at 9:16 PM

Today was a day worth remembering.  To celebrate the last day of school at his old elementary school, Willy’s teachers made an assembly to honor the kids.  Each of the three classes of fifth graders elected a classmate to one of a variety of awards.  This ceremony would be followed by a slideshow of pictures from over the year.

Mark and I sat in the audience, listening as awards were cited and names were called.  Then, I heard Willy’s name.  His class chose Willy for one of the awards!  Which one?  Friendliest, of course!

Willy holding an award that says: Friendliest Award

Willy holding an award that says: Friendliest Award

Now, after school is all over, Willy took a quick break from his post-5th grade/beginning of summer festivities to give a short interview:

So Willy, how does it feel to win the Friendliest Award?


Why do you think you won this award from your fellow 5th grade class?

Because I got the most votes.

Why did you get the most votes?

Because they love me!

What do you do that is very friendly?

I pick up stuff when something falls down.  [With a little coaching he added] Like when a pencil falls off of somebody else’s desk.

How does it feel to be all done with your elementary school?

Feels great!

A little sad?

Mm-mm [no]

That’s all folks.  Off he goes…His next challenge, mastering the art of making videos with a digital camera!  In the meantime, I’m going to miss Roosevelt.  It’s a great school with a lot of great “cast members” who truly believe that all kids are worth teaching!