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  • Posted on July 23, 2011 at 11:03 PM

I received an e-mail from Mary Pat Stephenson, who describes herself as “a preschool special needs teacher for 25 years, working with autistic children and their families.” Her sons founded, a website where you can upload photos and turn them into wrapped canvas prints. Together they are raising money for the Autism Society.

“We created a page on our site where customers who want to get a photo made into a canvas will get a 30% discount and the rest of the profits from every order will be donated to the Autism Society. The page is at RoyalCanvas-Supports-Autism.” You can also view their public profile for the fundraising drive on the Autism Society’s site.


Personally, when considering whether to support a fund-raising effort regarding autism, it’s very important to me that:

  1. Efforts to raise funds do NOT use scare tactics.
  2. Efforts to raise funds show respect for families AND individuals with autism.
  3. Funds raised are used primarily to help living autistics and are NOT used to target autistics-in-utero for abortion.

There are organizations I will not support. Autism Society is not, at this time, one of those. On the homepage of the Autism Society, one the first things I see is:

“I am a…

Family Member

Individual on the Spectrum



In the small print on the cited site, it states: “All sales proceeds from this coupon will be donated to the Autism Society. The Autism Society improves the lives of all affected by autism through education, advocacy, services, research and support.”

I could argue that “Individual on the Spectrum” should be first. I could argue that “support” should definitely come before “research.” Maybe in time I will. For now, I’m passing along the information as requested. The choice to participate is, as always, up to you.