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The Versatile Blogger Award!!

  • Posted on August 2, 2012 at 12:21 AM

I have the pleasure of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award from Sylvia at Homeschooling Through Triumphs, Trials and Tragedies.  Thank you, Sylvia!

So, let’s get things started by listing 7 random facts about myself, as per the rules:

  1. Though science isn’t my strong-suit, I have a “science” degree in business, as in a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and I’m working on a science degree in writing, as in a Master of Science in Written Communication—which I think is especially odd.
  2. A personal memory my mother recently shared with me (again) sums up my approach to risk-taking: As a baby, my brother would crawl to the edge of the bed and keep on going, like a cartoon character, until he hit the floor; whereas I would crawl slowly to the edge of the bed, feel for the edge to make sure I knew where it was, and then back up.
  3. I recently bought myself a small bouquet of two roses, some weed-like yellow flowers, and a leafy sprig.  The deciding factor, however, was a feathery thing that’s painted a sparkling purple, which may or may not be a branch from something or other.
  4. The thing I will miss most about my current office—if and when I finally move into my new office—is the unfinished wall, which faces the other room, thus leaving a very large expanse of “cork board” for me to pin things to—I use it so much I had to add another layer of real cork board on hinges.
  5. The thing I will miss least about my current office is—surprisingly not the leaky wall in the other room that’s making me sick—the over-abundance of insect life that gets in here and attracts an overabundance of spiders.  Luckily, I’ve seen very little evidence of insect life in my new office—not to mention no leaking walls to make me sick.
  6. Despite passing College Algebra with a solid A and being adept at making functional spreadsheets to compute rather complex business equations, I still have to stop and think really hard to do simple mathematical equations in my head, so my husband calculates how much to leave for a tip whenever possible.
  7. Speaking of an overabundance of spiders, there are no less than five visible spiders competing for the insects attracted to the lamp casting light over my computer.  ~shivers~

So, is that random enough for you?

Now, I must nominate 15 other bloggers for this award:

  1. Aspergirl Maybe – because she’s still “new” and deserves the love.
  2. AutismHerd – (without the autism now), who is really funny and fun and just all around terrific!
  3. Autism and Empathy – because I know durned well that the whole “autistics don’t have empathy” is a big fat lie myth (with another nod to Kathleen).
  4. Kate Hutchinson – with another apology for bringing controversy to her blog.
  5. Delightfully Different Life – with a recommendation to find and buy her novel!
  6. Countering… – for those  who like science or controversy, or both.
  7. Aspitude! – because Elesia is just awesome!
  8. Rolling Around In My Head – because Dave is a great person to help open your mind beyond any one disability or difference.
  9. The Tumultuous Truth – because Sharon’s passion is inspiring even when you’re already inspired.
  10. Life with Asperger’s – because Gavin is a great source of information and a great person to help you see Asperger’s from both sides.
  11. Special Needs Book Review – because it’s new to me and sounds like a great idea!
  12. Whitterer on Autism – because it really shouldn’t be so low in my blog list and because Maddy is wonderful and fun and definitely deserves the love!
  13. A Diary of a Goldfish – for all she does for the online disabilities community.
  14. Sanabitur Anima Mea – because she cares so much about so many things (just don’t ask me to pronounce her blog, but I am pretty sure it’s Latin, if that helps).
  15. And finally, Meeka’s Mind, because sometimes we just need something totally different!

Now, apparently, the Versatile Blogger award is a real award with its own page and stuff, and you can learn more about it here!  The things you learn…