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Another IEP Post

  • Posted on November 16, 2012 at 10:41 PM

So, I was all worried about Alex’s IEP. I buzzed in my co-author’s ear (who is writing a book about IEPs, which I’m editing) for I don’t know how long.

See, the few times Alex’s work was sent home it looked altogether too much like what Alex has been doing for years. And I do mean years. Year after year, Alex was doing the same thing. Nothing I did to try to change that seemed to make a difference. During the last year of Alex’s elementary school career, I’d begun making some impact. At that final IEP before he transitioned to middle school, I thought I’d made a pretty strong argument that the new team took to heart. But the work that was coming home made me question that.

I put a lot of effort into preparing for the meeting, but as usual I held back to let the staff show me what their intentions were. I was surprised. Quite quickly, my concerns evaporated. My initial impression during that last IEP was correct. So, instead of working through my prepared plans, we talked. We shared our ideas, came up with new strategies to problems both new and old. I came away satisfied.

The solutions we came up with does mean more work for all of us, but it also means that we’ll pursue the opportunities Alex needs us to pursue to help him accelerate the progress he’s already making and not lose the gains he’s already achieved.

It’s time for a break-through and I think we finally have the team to make it happen!