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On Writing

  • Posted on October 17, 2009 at 12:44 PM

I have wanted to write since I was ten years old.  My first love is for stories – all kinds of stories.  Novels, short stories, ballads, anecdotes, movies, and television are some of the mediums I tend to gravitate towards.  I have written one novel (it’s in a box) and have another pinned to my wall.  I’ve written and published short stories, but my success in fiction has been less than mediocre.

I knew I wanted to write for a living and pursued a few different strategies to do that.  The latest is business writing, which should result in a viable small business by this time next year.

Writing non-fiction didn’t really interest me until recently.  It was a practical avenue to break into business writing, but other than blogging I didn’t see the non-fiction venues as my thing.  While I intended to write a book about autism someday, trying to share a different perspective than the books I’d read when my kids were first diagnosed, I didn’t really take it seriously as a professional pursuit.

I don’t know about other people, but I tend to get flashes of insight.  I see my interests and activities align in an unexpected way.  Writing, professionalism, neurodiversity, and the need for more mainstream attention to this important perspective was an unexpected alignment for me.  The quality, quantity, and marketability of my writing have gone up significantly since this alignment became apparent to me.  After over a decade of trying to write professionally, I sit down and write about a topic I’m passionate about, and lo and behold, my work is accepted, and then another piece is accepted and published.  On it goes and I hope it continues.

I don’t expect to make a living writing about neurodiversity, but I do hope to make an impact.

For those who are interested, I now have a working writing blog up.  Its primary target is the writing group I started, but the material on there is useful for almost anyone who’s interested in writing.  If you want tips on how to break into publication, just ask and I’ll tell you what I can.