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The End of OT

  • Posted on November 6, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Surprise! OT is ending! Not for everyone, of course, or even for everyone in my household. I recently had Willy’s IEP and we discussed how he no longer needed OT services. Yay?

Well, yeah! For the last year, Willy’s OT services have only been on a consult basis. The idea was to create strategies that Willy could implement independently within his various classrooms to manage his sensory needs, while staying in class as much as possible to meet those needs. This approach has been so successful that the consults are no longer needed. They were kept in place primarily to transition him to his high school experience.

Now that Willy’s been in high school for a couple of months, Willy has made his adjustments. He’s not wholly comfortable in his new environment, as indicated by his rather compulsive need to sharpen pencils to exert a sense of control over that environment, but he is making effective use of his strategies and he is also fully integrated into his classes. He’s able to advocate for his own needs and generally does so effectively.

There’s still progress to be made, but it’s no longer about OT and sensory regulation. The occupational therapist will be available if things change, but for now she’s not needed. That is big, big progress for my young man! So, yay it is!