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Alex is on a Roll

  • Posted on August 26, 2011 at 3:58 PM

We’ve struggled with feeding issues for years.  Alex, in particular, is a very picky eater.  There’ve been days—weeks even—when it seemed like he’d only eat one or two things.  While those one or two things would rotate around a selection of about ten different things, it seemed Alex could not tolerate variety and the things he ate did not provide him with a balanced diet.  Yet, Play-Doh and blocks always seemed to be on his menu, even when food really wasn’t.

Now, we have had a major breakthrough.  As impressive as the noodles were, it seemed kind of like a one-shot deal to me.  Sure, he ate noodles multiple times and with multiple sauces, but it seemed a bit much to hope it was the harbinger of a major change.

I should have hoped, because now Alex is drinking Pediasure.  Not just once or twice, but he’s actually competing with Ben for it.  On the downside, Pediasure is rather expensive and I’ll have to buy Alex’s share myself until he gets the same kind of deal Ben has.  But…Alex is drinking Pediasure!

To put this in perspective: Alex is tested semi-regularly for vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.  But, once we have that information it can be quite a hassle to correct it.  Finding a way to get vitamin D in him took a lot of trial and error and he still hated our solution (though he did drink it).  But now, with Pediasure, he has a source of vitamins, minerals and protein that is balanced to children’s needs.  It’s great!

Things are looking up.  Alex has made some very impressive gains this summer, including reductions in aggressive behavior and improved listening skills.  I can’t wait to see the next surprise this great little guy has in store for us!