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Witty Whitterer

  • Posted on August 27, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Maddy is an old blogging friend of mine who made it really easy to get back in touch.  She blogs several places, including Whitterer on Autism, Alien in a Foreign Field, Sandwiched Genes, The Semi Naked Chef, and View from a Broad.  I have to wonder where she finds the time – or to be more accurate how she makes the time.  Cordial, entertaining, quirky and kind – those words come to mind readily when I think of Maddy.

Whitterer on Autism is the blog I visit the most – or am starting to visit the most, since I still haven’t gotten into full blogging mode.  On this blog you’ll find a light-hearted look into the lives of a family with both NT and autistic children.  A fun romp to be sure, especially through Maddy’s eyes.  Often funny, sometimes poignant, always genuine.  She does a great job capturing idiosyncratic dialogue that brings people to life on the screen.  Her stories are truly a pleasure to read, though difficult to describe.

In studying the craft of writing, one of the things that always puzzled me was the slice of life vignettes.  What were they and what’s the point?  I remember, when I first found Maddy’s blog, thinking – oh!  Maddy’s stories are often slice of life vignettes.  They have many of the elements of story, including a point; but they don’t follow the typical form with a beginning, middle, and ending.  She does this form very well, and makes it feel very tangible.  And she always makes me smile.  So, go, read, smile!