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  • Posted on November 22, 2013 at 10:00 AM

What do you do to reinforce the worth of a child in a world that’s better at tearing people down than building them up? The schools have their own strategies, though those seem to be better at making people feel good than enabling abilities. What do you, as a parent, do to build up your child’s worth?

Do you tell them you’re proud of them? Do you tell them why? Do you encourage them in their interests? Do you continue to support them when their interests change? Do you recognize both the good and the bad, and encourage them to be all of who they are? Do you tell them you love them? Do you show them you love them unconditionally?

Worth is something that must be instilled. A lot of people erode others’ worth for their own sense of self importance. You need to instill more than others erode. It’s just part of a parent’s job.