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“The Bus Is Here!”

  • Posted on May 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM

It was Thursday morning, a good seven minutes before Ben’s bus is supposed to arrive. He was still in the tub. It was time to rush…

I don’t have a good relationship with time. You know how there’s those people who always seem to know what time it is, who can even wake themselves up exactly when they need to. I’m like the exact opposite. I can lose track of time easier than I can lose my car keys. And, unlike my car keys, I cannot designate a place to keep time so I always know where it is.

Using Sunday as a guidepost, I managed to make sure I was awake during the day on Monday and again on Tuesday. Tuesday I got flipped and it wasn’t even my fault. Ben refused to go to sleep. Even though he was content to play (almost) quietly in his room, I couldn’t let myself fall asleep. I lay in bed, resting, but the mother in me just couldn’t sleep and leave Ben unsupervised.

In the morning, he was chipper as could be, revving up for his day. I was dead on my feet, canceled my morning appointment, and crashed for a good long while—seven whole hours. By the time I woke up, I’d completely forgotten that it was Wednesday. So, that night, as I pushed to get the boys into bed so I could get some work done, I forgot all about their baths. I didn’t even dawn on me after the boys grew rather grumbly about going to bed. It’s not like either Alex or Ben would come out and say, “Hey, Mom! We can’t go to bed yet, because it’s Wednesday and we want our baths! We love our baths!” Nope, they were simply uncooperative and resistant, because I was doing it wrong.

It wasn’t until about two o’clock in the morning that I figured it out. So, I planned to do their baths first thing in the morning. I’d be awake, and they usually woke up early enough that we could do baths as long as I didn’t let them linger.

Alex’s bath went off without a hitch. He wasn’t nearly so grumbly about this change in routine. After all, he loves the water. Ben’s bath seemed to go fine…until the bus showed up seven minutes early. I really need to get me one of those internal clock thingamajees.