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Top 10 Things I Look Forward To

  • Posted on April 26, 2011 at 7:43 AM

I have the possibility of a new job with a significant pay increase.  Whether or not that happens, here’s a Top 10 list of creature comforts I look forward to:

10) A Master Suite Bathroom

I want a bathroom that is dedicated to my get-ready-in-the-morning supplies without having my toothbrush toppled by the very sticky hairdryer my step-son uses to help create his mo-hawk.

9) A Minivan that does NOT drink 1-3 Quarts of Oil a Week

As if gas wasn’t bad enough.  And, as long as I’m wishing, GPS and air conditioning (that works) would be nice, too.

8) A Swing-Set that is Built on Level Ground

A swing-set should not shimmy and shake.  I’m sure of this.  Really, I am.

7) No Food in Bedrooms

Tripping over a box of Cheerios in the middle of the night is just messy.

6) Furniture Purchased Specifically with the Boys in Mind


5) Vacations

Stretching the imagination, we’ve had two in the last thirteen years of marriage.  One with kids, one without.  It’d be nice if we could have a vacation once or twice a year.

4) An iPad/Laptop for Each Child

No more fighting over whose turn it is—though, there may be whining when I take them all away and send them outside to get dirty. (see #8)

3) A Bedroom for Each of My Boys

Right now the older two sleep in the living room, because they’d rather not share a room with Alex or Ben—who can definitely NOT share a room with each other.

2) The Opportunity to Hire My Mom as a Full-Time Nanny

For me, someone I know already loves my kids.  For her, a job with fewer stressful issues.  It’s totally win-win.  Plus, I’ll ensure she has health insurance.

1) A Master Bedroom with a Door the LOCKS!!!

No more surprises (from my kids) in my bed.  Please!!!