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  • Posted on June 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Both my father and my brother came up to Wisconsin to help celebrate my recent graduation from National-Louis University with a M.S. in Written Communications. Knowing the value of foreshadowing, I made sure the boys knew that we had special visitors coming. I wouldn’t say I revved them up to a fever pitch, because that would have been silly of me. But they knew, they anticipated, they were excited.

Then, the moment finally arrived and my brother walked in the door.

“Hi, Uncle Pat!”

…I waited…

…I waited…

But, that was just about it.

Sure, they played with Uncle Pat. They interacted with him. But it was done with such aplomb, I was…well, I was… Hm. Is this a good thing? Should I fight this? Should I…?

I let it be what it was and just… Hm.

Well, told myself, it would be different when Grandpa arrived, because it’d had been longer since Grandpa had come.

Then, my dad arrived. “Hi, Grandpa! You look different.”

…I waited…

And, then I just didn’t bother with that and just sat down and had a great chat with my dad and that was fine.

It was what it is. Good thing? Bad thing? Nope. It just is and I’ll take it.