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The Last Week of Freedom

  • Posted on August 28, 2013 at 10:00 AM

School moves into full swing next Wednesday. It starts a day early for Willy, to give the 9th graders a chance to have the high school all to themselves for that one anxious day. Over time, the boys will find themselves shifting into a new kind of normal. For now, it’s the end of the normal we have.

I start school next week, too. The official first day is next Tuesday, just like Willy. I’ll learn more about what’s expected of me during the online orientation today. My biggest concern is whether my textbooks will arrive in time for me to complete my first assignments. From what I understand, the books won’t even be shipped until after classes start—coinciding with when financial aid is dispersed, not with when students need them. Then again, I’ve received different answers from different sources. Right now I’m going to trust the bookstore personnel and anticipate a dire need for playing catch up later on in the week, once my textbooks arrive.

Either way this is our last week of freedom. Summer is ending. School is starting. Willy seems to be the one who most worried. And who could blame him? High school! Willy is starting high school!

And he’s going to be great!

Meanwhile, I have to get as much freelancing in as I can before school starts…so, back to work I go!