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Alex and Noodles

  • Posted on August 12, 2011 at 10:13 PM

Noodles are a popular staple with the adults in my household, but it hasn’t been something our kids would eat. Still, for years, Alex would watch me boil noodles as if he might want some for himself. He’d stick his nose in my pot of boiling water and watch the bubbles rise and pop. He’d watch me stir the noodles, drain them, and sauce them.

He wouldn’t eat them. He wouldn’t touch them. If I offered him noodles, he’d run away giggling. Occasionally he’d gag. Despite his interest in their preparation, I figured noodles and Alex were a lost cause.

Then, a few days ago, a guest in our house made himself some noodles. He offered some to Alex. He didn’t really expect Alex to eat the noodles. But, to our surprise, Alex did. He would only accept one noodle at a time, but he ate several of them.

Alex and this gentleman have a very good rapport. So, I thought, maybe it was just a fluke. So, the next time he made himself noodles, this time in a different kind of sauce, he offered some to Alex. Alex ate them! Then, my husband made himself some noodles in yet a different type of sauce, and offered some to Alex. And Alex ate them!

This is indescribably huge! Alex hasn’t eaten anything mushy like noodles since he was a very young toddler. Alex ate noodles! In sauce! In four different kinds of sauce! This is really, really huge!

Of course, now we need to see if we can get him to use a spoon or a fork to eat his noodles.