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Why Chaos?

  • Posted on August 15, 2009 at 1:32 AM

As a person of faith, I believe in the existence of an underlying order that spans the entire universe and our individual, daily lives.  I believe this order is designed by a loving God, set in place to fulfill eternal purposes.  And yet, I say I embrace the chaos of autism.  How can this be?

Life generally appears chaotic.  Life with three active, autistic boys seems even more chaotic than the usual American family.  My boys do crazy things.  And we live a crazy life keeping up with them.  However, in embracing this apparent chaos, we can find the order that lies beneath the unpredictable surface.  From catching the “joos” that’s surrounded by babbled syllables to know that my son wants a drink of juice to finding my son who refuses to use the potty changing his own diaper.  I look for the meaning and the order that is uniquely theirs.

There’s order to the spinning, the lining up, and the sporadic skills that seem to come and go with the changing breeze.  To find the order, you must embrace the chaos.  Otherwise, you’re trying to change the underlying order of these little people in your care to your own pre-determined expectations – and that is when you create genuine chaos in their young lives.