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Drawing Rules

  • Posted on September 20, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Will is thrilled to have a class dedicated to drawing. His drawing class has bumped PE as his favorite class of the day. Unfortunately, he’s not really enjoying either math class or his English or physical science classes. (Yes, he has two math classes this year—all year long!)

The real surprise is that he’s not enjoying his computer class either. He has Communications Technology. Last Friday, we got a call to inform us that Will was refusing to log on in class. My first thought was, “How is that he gets away with refusing to log on in class?” I mean, I couldn’t imagine even trying something like that, let alone having gotten away with it in school.

His advisor was recommending he swap out of this elective class in favor of study hall or study skills. I looked at Will and told him that he could do that, but if he did he would never be a video game programmer. I said this under the false assumption that this was a prerequisite of the programming class, because, when I filled out the schedule requirements, there was a prerequisite class to programming. I assumed this was it.

After I said that, though, Mark told me that the advisor told him that Will would still be able to take his programming class next semester. Later, after Will told me he’d decided to stick with this class, I told him what his father had said. “No, Mom, you’re right. I should do this. I’ll do my work.”

We’ll see how that goes. But Mark assured him that if we ever get another call saying Will refused to get on the computer at school, then he wouldn’t be getting on the computer at home either. Will got the message.