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Alex is Still a Mystery

  • Posted on November 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM

During the last post, I talked about one of the results of Willy’s IEP. I just had an IEP meeting for Alex, too, which went rather differently. The primary result of Alex’s meeting is that Alex still baffles those of us who are entrusted with his care and education. Big surprise, huh? In discussing our need to grapple with Alex’s needs, once again a resource was brought up for consideration.

This resource first arose when Alex was ending his elementary school education. The facility houses a considerable number of professionals who, over a period of two months, analyze and assess a child more thoroughly than would otherwise be available to determine unmet needs and unknown solutions. It’s an in-patient facility, which means Alex would be living there temporarily.

The first time this came up we were told that it involved signing over temporary custody (or something like that) to CPS. That put a stop to that. This time when it was brought up that was the first thing that came to mind. I told them if that was still the case, then it would never happen, because CPS representatives have already expressed an interest and an intention to institutionalize Alex.


I mean that literally. There is no way I will allow Alex to be institutionalized for being a mystery while there is a breath left in my body. As long as I am alive, Alex will not be institutionalized. And, to be perfectly clear, a lot more people than just me would have to die before the government would gain enough traction to enforce that option.

Granted, in-patient care is dangerously close to institutionalization. But it’s not the same thing. The differences make it a potentially viable option if the benefits would be sufficiently substantial. But the benefits won’t even be considered if it involves signing Alex over to CPS.


And, just so there is no doubt about the strength of my feelings on this matter, I’ll let you all know right now that I intend to HAUNT anyone who dares to institutionalize my child after my death.

Yes, my son is a mystery. I’ve accepted that. I understand the drive to better understand this mystery and I share it. If that means we must be deprived of Alex’s company for a month or two, then I can live with that. But I no longer have the luxury of idealism when it comes to trusting the government. The local CPS agency burned that bridge years ago and nothing on this earth can build it again.