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Midweek Music Break

  • Posted on February 1, 2012 at 8:00 AM

In the past I have occasionally linked to some music videos on YouTube.  This is the primary way I make use of my blog platform’s multimedia capabilities.  But it’s been a long while since I have done so.  So, for the month of February, I’m going to make it a habit.

This particular video was made after the Oklahoma City Bombing as a dedication, but I chose Garth Brook’s “The Change” for my first Midweek Music post because I believe this song applies to all the ways we can reach out and show our love.  As an advocate, sometimes I get discouraged by how little changes, and how much there is to do.  The fact is I do want to change the world (though, I have no expectation that I’m doing so single-handedly).  But, that kind of change is difficult.  Progress can be slow.  There can be regressions and reversals.  Sometimes the best thing we can do as advocates is to be sure, whatever results from our efforts, that we continue to try, continue to love, and don’t become so jaded that the world changes us.

As long as we still try, the change will happen.