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Disability Blogs

  • Posted on January 28, 2011 at 11:22 PM

I am honored!  The Goldfish cited me on her post: An Entirely Biased Who's Who of the Disability Blogosphere, January 2011.  I hadn’t expected that.  While I blog in the hopes of influencing the many divided autism communities—and in blogging I have grown more aware of and concerned for the greater disabilities community—I had never expected to be regarded by anyone as among the Who’s Who in that community.  I am truly honored.

The Goldfish also challenged us to create our own list of important disability bloggers.  I do not propose the following as a complete list—or even as a complete list of those blogs I find to be important.  Every time I’ve tried to do so, I’ve been told my list was too overwhelming, i.e. too long.  There are a lot of worthy bloggers out there.  Only a fraction of them are listed among my blogrolls, but even that fraction is “too long.”

What follows is a list of bloggers that have been especially influential for me personally.  I hope you can appreciate these fine bloggers as well, and perhaps explore the many other blogs listed to the right.

One of the first disability blogs I encountered was Estee’s The Joy of Autism.  Estee’s blog, and her friendship, have meant a great deal to me over my journey of discovery, and her writing still rings with relevance and grace every time I read it.  As such, she takes a very special place on this list, but she is a first among many.

Group Autism Blogs:

Shift Journal – Mark is the editor and a regular contributor here, and a man with an intriguing mind, who has a lot to contribute.  This blog has a more philosophical focus, which I find particularly appealing.

Left Brain/Right Brain – This blog is much more focused on news and science, which is important considering the very science surrounding autism is highly controversial.

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism – This is an eclectic, relevant autism blog, though it’s hard to pinpoint a focus.  The closest thing I can come to a focus is “correcting misinformation.”

Autism Blogs:

Comet’s Corner – This is a personal blog written by Clay.  His years of experience, and willingness to share his life and struggles, make this a very powerful blog that resonates strongly with me.

Aspitude! – Elesia’s blog is a powerful advocacy statement.  She frequent interviews others, introducing even more people to prominent members of the community at large.

Life with Aspergers – This one comes across as a parenting blog at first glance, but Gavin writes from a base of personal experience as a father on the spectrum raising children on the spectrum.  This dual role adds special insight to his posts.

Autism Herd – This blog is a powerful story of family—written by Kathleen, the mother of this family.  While autism plays a big part in these stories, it’s about family and living life with joy through the challenges they face.  Kathleen tells her stories with such wit and humor—it’s totally refreshing!

Disability Blogs (non-autism):

Brilliant Mind, Broken Body – Through this blog, I’ve been able to relate to the wider disability community.  Kali faces many physical and psychological challenges, and she relates her experiences in a way that makes them tangible for those of us who do not have direct experience with the challenges she faces.

Rolling Around in My Head – Dave, of course, is both a person with disabilities and a long-time disability advocate.  The confluence of his personal and professional experience creates such a powerful message—he’s great at triggering those “aha!” moments.


As I said, this list is far from exhaustive, but it’s a great place to start!  Enjoy!