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  • Posted on September 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM

I’ve gotten so caught up in the many tasks I’m obliged to do, and watching Season 1 of Fringe on DVD, that I forgot I was supposed to be seeking out new and familiar blogs.  So, I went looking today and found quite a few “new to me” blogs and wanted to share this one with you.

Elesia of Aspitude! is a woman with Asperger’s who is also a Research Assistant for Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership In Research and Education (AASPIRE).  She recently wrote a post called The Fingerprint of Autism that reminds people that each person on the autistic spectrum is a unique individual.  As obvious as that seems to me, it really is worth saying, because there are people who just don’t get it.

Besides, there’s a really cool picture of a blue butterfly!  What can I say, I appreciate pretty things. :-)