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Autism Asperger’s Digest

  • Posted on September 5, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Recently I started building my professional freelance writing portfolio.  After a lot of study, I sent my first query off to Autism Asperger’s Digest.  To my great surprise and enthusiasm, they wanted to see the article on speculation and even added to the word length.  When I turned in my piece, they accepted it for publication.  There’s still editorial work to be done, which I’m going to learn more about this October.  The piece is not scheduled until January 2010, but it’s still a big milestone for me!

As the first professional periodical to accept my non-fiction work for publication, I would like to highlight Autism Asperger’s Digest and tell you a little more about it.  AADigest won the Gold Award three years in a row from the National Parenting Publications Award competition.  “This is NAPPA’s highest honor, and the prestigious award recognizes the AADigest as one of the most useful products geared to expectant, new or veteran parents today,” says the AA Digest.

“Autism Asperger’s Digest has the unique distinction of being the only NAPPA winner to receive a NAPPA Gold Award three times in a row. We salute the editors and writers who provide such reliable, reputable and positive information for families with children and adults on the spectrum,” said NAPPA spokesperson Barbara Smith Decker.

After finding AADigest (far too late for comfort) I immediately became a subscriber.  Being accepted for publication, I got an additional year’s worth of subscriptions as payment.  For those considering trying to place an article here, I should warn you that there’s no financial compensation, but you’ll be published, you’ll get several copies of the issue in which your work appears, and you’ll get a subscription.  For a magazine like this, that’s a great deal – especially if you’re like me and are both trying to reach this particular audience while also being part of this audience.  Of course, parents aren’t the only ones who read AADigest.  They also publish information that is useful to service providers and family and friends of those on the spectrum.

One feature that I believe adds special credibility to AADigest is the column written by Dr. Temple Grandin, Autism & Asperger’s: The Way I See It.  Thus far I’ve been very satisfied with the magazine.  I don’t agree with everything I read there – I’d be disappointed if I did, because that would show a particular bias that is uncharacteristic of good journalism – but they take a very balanced approach between respecting the differences and blessings of autistic people and aiding people who trying to educate and assist autistic people.

I recommend you take a look at AADigest if you haven’t already.  You can browse past issues (some articles are available online), check out the contents of the current issue, or subscribe for a reduced price now!