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Estee Klar’s Joy of Autism

  • Posted on August 19, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Back when I was blogging at Hazardous Pastimes, I used to converse regularly with Estee Klar at The Joy of Autism.  Estee is also the founder and executive director of The Autism Acceptance Project, where she works to advocate the acceptance and accommodation of autistic individuals and where she also promotes the work of autistic artists.

You can read more about Estee’s personal journey with autism.  In this article, Dr. Baum describes Estee as, “really a fighter; she has lots of energy to push forward the cause of children with autism. She is a huge advocate for people with autism to have the right to be who they are and that society must accept them.”  Estee has done her research and comes clearly on the side of rights, dignity, and quality of life for autistic individuals.

I have great respect for Estee and look forward to a renewed and on-going friendship with her.  The work she does is very important for the autism community as she seeks to fight misinformation, prejudices, and discrimination where she finds it.