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  • Posted on October 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM

I’m testing a theory. The school psychologist who observed Alex speculated that Alex’s pinching is about predictability and attention-seeking. The team discussed how pinching may be avoided by withdrawing attention from Alex, which was sparked in part by something I talked about doing.

You see, Alex has a tendency to pinch me when I’m occupied doing something else. That happens a lot, by the way. When it happens, I tell him, “No pinching.” And I keep doing what I was doing. Then, I give him attention when I’m done.

So, I tried to make these efforts more immediate and purposeful. When Alex tries to pinch me (or anything else) I look away from him, say, “Stop,” and disengage. He stops. Then, I give him the attention he wants before I go back to whatever I’m doing.

It’s working, for the most part. Now, he sometimes goes to pinch or something and stops himself. When he does that, I give him the attention he wants right away. Other times he pinches anyway, especially when I just get home. It’s an on-going experiment. So, we’ll see how we both do at it and whether or not it’s time to get other family members in on the action.