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  • Posted on January 27, 2015 at 3:38 AM

If you’re still on my old autism blog, Embracing Chaos, I invite you to hop on over here. You should find all the old posts and comments you’ve enjoy or made in the past. You’ll also find all my future posts as they are uploaded in the, um, well, future. But you won’t find those posts here. I’ll leave this post up for a while, but I won’t be updating this blog. After enough people have had time to make the leap over to the new site, I’ll be shutting the old site down forever—assuming I can figure out how.

As you’ll see, the new site has a lot to offer. So, please, check out the new site and take a look at the brand new content I’ve provided. You may even want to check out my old writing blog (which has also moved) or my new marketing blog, which was just created.

Now that I have an awesome site to work with, I’ll be providing a lot of new things. So, come on over and check me out!

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