It Doesn’t Take Long

  • Posted on August 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Speaking of bugs, over the weekend I had the energy to do something I hadn’t done in months and months. I knocked down the cobwebs that had accumulated in my den. You see, it doesn’t take long. My den is in the basement. The den is the only room that’s “finished” in the basement and this room is only semi-finished, with a bare-beamed ceiling and either bare-beamed or concrete block walls. Considering that our foundation isn’t sound, bugs can find all kinds of ways to get in and the spiders just eat ‘em up. So, there are cobwebs wherever I’ll let them grow. I’ve even had a few over-friendly spiders land on me over the years. (But never in my pants!!!)

Recovering from my flare-up and subsequent diagnosis of fibromyalgia has been a long process, especially with a surprise surgery thrown in to complicate things. I still have days that are more flare than flair. Anyway, the last time I really cleaned was sometime before May and probably way back in 2013. I went through an entire 16-sheet box of Swiffer Sweeper cloths just to get the layers of cobwebs down in my den alone. Ick!

A lot of other things haven’t gotten done. Between my being out of commission and the boys being home for the summer, the house is in dire need of a thorough cleaning. This is planned for the week they go back to school, but I’m thinking I’ll work my way up from my den and just keep going now.

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  1. Somehow you made me laugh with that!!!! This RA-havin’, two krazy kids raisin’ Mama is DEFINITELY going to use the phrase “more flare than flair.” SOON.

  2. lol I’m glad you laughed. It’s a necessary part of coping with the chaos of life. 😉

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